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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-11-22AU-2017- -6989 WaynesvilleOH 2042
this pigeon is wearing a white band with purple letters. near as we can tell they are: an-6989-2017 (though this may be a partial number). the bird is enjoying the benefit of shelter in the hay barn and comes in to eat with our chickens. i have spent a great deal of time scouring the internet trying to find the correct organization to report this to. i am hoping with your professional experience you can forward to the appropriate groups. the bird does not appear in any distress and has been with us about one week. we are able to get within about an arm's length but that is as far as it will allow. thanks in advance for your help! rosanne

2017-11-22NPA-17-MFC-4087 MerrickNY 2041
found a deceased bird with this information in my yard. an animal had gotten to it but i don't know if that was the cause of death.

2017-11-16AU-2016-ARPU-99361 BufordGA 2040
a beautiful white pigeon is at our dealership with a 2 red bands au 2016 au2016 a green 34 and an orange 99

2017-11-13NPA-17-DB-4762 SparksNV 2039
bird feathers and banded leg found in back yard

2017-11-13AU-2017-EVV-529 PaducahKY 2038
pigeon has been found dead in a storage shed on school grounds.

2017-11-13-2010-SPC-55 PomonaCA 2037
spc 2010

2017-11-11-2017- - Punta GordaFL 2036
saw this rock dove at charlotte harbor enviromental center in punta gorda florida by the pond near the large building. it was not scared of me & i came very close to it. got a picture with my camera, but couldn't make out the organization. had a green band on right leg. i have a picture if you would like it.

2017-11-10AU-2017-JEDDS-30560 San DiegoCA 2035
found a pigeon in backyard, white, brown and grey in color. orange club band on left leg and light blue no marking band on right leg.

2017-11-08- - -25 DunnellonFL 2034
this is a large pigeon with typical rock dove coloration. it is remarkably tame and is either unwilling or unable to fly. the bird has a plastic orange/peach band on its right leg. the band has no markings other than a two-digit number, which is stamped twice. if this sounds like your bird, please email me the number you think is stamped on the band.

2017-11-08AU-2017-JEDDS-40 BonanzaOR 2033
red or orange band ,yellow with black stripes band. seems to be in good condition

2017-11-07AU-2017-VITA KING-2063 HuntsvilleTX 2032
bird showed up at job sight yesterday afternoon. got to work this morning and the bird is still here. not sure if the bird is lost or if anyone is missing it. but if your looking for it. this is where it is at.

2017-11-04IF-2017-FOYS-17007 BrickNJ 2031
found in point pleasant on 35 last thursday. he was injured. he is doing well and we want to release him tomorrow am. i am nervous, as i want him to make home.

2017-11-03NBRC-2017-B-1564 VermontvilleMI 2030
band says b1564 nbrc 17

2017-11-02AU-2017-RIS-3362 Sleepy HollowNY 2029
id number could be 362 or 3362. i have not held the bird but got as close as possible. it is resting in my garage.

2017-11-01AU-2015-VITA KING-460 SouthgateMI 2028
vita king 460

2017-11-01AU-2017-KFLY-1745 SalmonID 2027
this guy showed up on our deck last night he has a green band on the opposite leg. he didn't attempt to fly away, he was limping some on his right leg. i did pick him up, sorry if this was wrong, to check his tag after i noticed it. he wasn't upset at all perched on my finger and took off but ran into the side of the house and is sitting on an outside table and hasn't moved all night.

2017-10-31-2017-OSGR-86 SacramentoCA 2026
this is a red band on the left leg.

2017-10-31AU-2017-COM-465 HelendaleCA 2025
a healthy bird has been in our yard all day. i put him in an animal carrier with food and water.

2017-10-30- - - HollywoodFL 2024
we found a kerala pigeon in hollywood fl. please call me if you lost your bird. there are 2 distinct features that will let me know it is yours.

2017-10-30AU-2017-APRC-249 PhoenixAZ 2022
green band says aprc 2017 249

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