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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-03-28- -CC-228 HinesvilleGA 1513
red tag with the following numbers/letters: 2cc228

2017-03-28AU-2009-CVF-394 LeesburgFL 1512
out working in yard and the bird walked up to me. wouldn't leave and followed me everywhere. picked him/her up and put in large cage. watered and fed. seems tame. please advise what to do next. can't keep it. thanks cindy

2017-03-26NBRC-2016-Z0283- KeotaOK 1511
this pigeon has been hanging out in our carport for a few days. thanks ronn hull

2017-03-25-2016-EZR-855 StocktonCA 1510
our new friend has been hanging out at big valley ford stockton ca two bands white ezr 2016 855 yellow 2016 580

2017-03-24AU-2016-APRC-651 GlendaleAZ 1509
the band is green with the letters aprc and what looks like the az flag symbol.

2017-03-19AU-2016-ARPU-91257 VacavilleCA 1508
bird has been in neighborhood for a few days. appeared in my backyard today, actively foraging but not roosting and "fluffed" up. ran when approached, but easily caught. very thin, with prominent keel. i'm a small animal vet, but will do what i can.

2017-03-15IF- -EIRE,PA-4269 WellsboroPA 1503
#4269 erie, pa is what's on the band, has been found and braught here.

2017-03-10AU-2006-MT-6000 GladstoneOR 1504


2017-03-09AU-2016-ALVAREZ-3302 JenningsFL 1505
please contact me regarding this pigeon. i was able to capture it before my cat did! it is safe but i would like ti find the owner.

2017-03-07AU-2017-AROUND-53179 WaycrossGA 1507
i have found an injured bird both legs r taged. 912-548-6651

2017-03-06AU-2012-YPM-408 TroutdaleOR 1506
i found a dead bird in my yard, mostly bones, feathers and a leg with a band.

2017-03-05AU-2016-DELTA-1786 MetairieLA 1501
i found this bird in my back yard today.

2017-02-28AU-2016-FOYS-10269 Fort Walton BeachFL 1500
bird was found in a parking lot, can't fly. almost all white with a small amount of grey. i was called to rescue the bird and will take it to our wildlife rehab in the morning. i'm not sure they will take it since it's not wild.

2017-02-26-2012-F21?-024997 EsteroFL 1498
i live between fort myers and naples fl and found a bird from cuba and would like to reunite with its owner. if it cannot be united with the owner then with someone who can properly care for it.

2017-02-25-14-DV-02065 MoroocMN 1499

2017-02-20AU-2015-FM-1420 Boynton BeachFL 1497
found this pigeon outside our front door today. does someone own it and need it back? it's fine, i have other animals so i fed it bird seed and gave it water seem uninjured but may have wings clipped. please cal if yours

2017-02-19AU-2016- -32980 BrooklynNY 1496
arpu 2016 with 5 digit number. beautiful pigeon, doing very well.

2017-02-17NPA-16-BB-2959 LakewoodCO 1495
green tag npa 16 8 bb 2959

2017-02-11-2016-UTAH-192 South JordanUT 1494
found grey homer (?) pigeon, green band on left leg that says utah 2016 192. text, call, or email if this is your bird or know who it belongs to. it seems injured or sick because it wouldn't fly away from us.

2017-02-10FCI-2015-FCC-000687 GeorgetownLA 1493
bird located off the coast of louisiana in green canyon. pigeon band info cuba 000687 fci 2015 fcc.

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