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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-05-27IF-2017-AHC-502 MontoursvillePA 1584
this pigeon is in montoursville pa green band ahc 5021f 2017 i found at campsite in liden and couldnt fly

2017-05-27-2015- -6689005 RaleighNC 1583
this very nice pigeon showed up on the front steps... leg band says usa 2015 with the numbers. its been here since yesterday.

2017-05-26- - - GlasgowVA 1582
was seen eating seed of the ground (which i put out for other birds). has a green band on left leg, and yellow band on right leg. could not catch it. it ate for about 20 minutes, then flew off when i tossed out more seed.

2017-05-25-2016-WTCM-434 RonkonkomaNY 1581


2017-05-25IF-2016-WCM-700 HolbrookPA 1580


2017-05-24AU-2017-ARPU?-35935 TacomaWA 1579
the pigeon stopped at my house on 5-24-2017 in the area of south 59th st. and south j st. in tacoma wa. it was eating bird food off the ground, i looked it over closely with the spotting scope and it appears to be in good shape, no injuries, it flew away.

2017-05-24AU-2017-GABE-37 MaybeeMI 1578
this bird seems to have an injured foot. was found around 1pm on tuesday may 23rd.

2017-05-21AU-2014-TEXSTAR-1435 PflugervilleTX 1577
i found a bird with these numbers in my yard appears to be hurt. i have it secured please call

2017-05-20-2016-APRC-648 PhoenixAZ 1576
i found a pigeon with a green band on the ankle. the band reads aprc 2016 648.

2017-05-19AU-2015-VC-619 HillmanMN 1575
another band on other leg, 2000 taurus. been here in minnesota for 4 or 5 days. very friendly.

2017-05-18IF-2015-GE-747 FarmingdaleNJ 1574
i found this pigeon on the side of the road, slight injury to his wing. he is currently in my barn eating wildfire seed, chicken crumbles n has water. anyone claim him?

2017-05-15-2016-CHRC-363 WarrentonVA 1573
found today may 15 2017 not injured has had food and water information is chrc 2016. # 363 please help us find his owner

2017-05-15- - -5702 Avon LakeOH 1572
i am writing for my friends who told me that a pigeon had flown into their patio screen and was killed. i am so sorry. please contact me anytime.

2017-05-15-2016- -543 Idaho FallsID 1571
found pigeon in idaho falls in freeman park - red band - ida 543 - 2016

2017-05-15NBRC-2016-B-310 AlleganMI 1570
not sure what all the numbers stand for. they read as follows: b0310 nbrc 16

2017-05-15NBRC-2004-R- Los AngelesCA 1569
redish-maroon friendly and trained pigeon in backyard. best guess nbrc 04 r band on left ankle.

2017-05-14AU- - -13368 DelanoMN 1568
i am sorry to say that i found this bird deceased in my backyard, i wanted to let you know in case someone was looking.

2017-05-13NBRC-2015-S-1886 AlleganMI 1567
not sure of year, 2013 or 2015. seems to be exhausted, gave food and water & sheltered place for now. can fly, buy only a few feet to roof. has eaten and drank, but has remained here for several hours.

2017-05-12- - - VincennesIN 1566
a bird with id band(red)numbered50799e,landed on our porch.seemed to think it knew us,climbed in my lap, very pretty bird,very friendly.stayed maybe 1 hour then flew away,hope he/she is ok.

2017-05-11NPA-2016- -1013 Des MoinesWA 1565
the band says npa 16 0g0 1013... she had a hole in her neck, im assuming from an attack so we stitched her up so she can eat..her band says npa so i know she belongs to the npa

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