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Some pigeons have registered bands which can indentify the owner. If the complete band information can read from the band we can help you locate the owner.

If the band contains the following letters then use these sites or contacts:

- band list at American Racing Pigeon Union

- band list at International Federation

- band list at Canadian Racing Pigeon Union

- National Pigeon Association • pm66052@cox.net

- Foy's Pigeon Supplies • foyspigeon@zoominternet.net • 877-355-7727

- www.nbrconline.com

- the American Dove Association (ADA secretary, Denny Stapp) • secretary@doveline.com

An example of an AU band. Notice that the "AU" and year number are on a line above the club letters. In this example there is "AU 2007" above the club letters "PIGEONGRAM". After this information is the unique number ID. These bands are issued in several colors, commonly white, blue, yellow, red and green.

NPA bands have NPA, the club letters, a number that is the band size, the 2 digit year number which is oriented across the band then the unique number ID. These bands look like a solid piece of colored plastic.

IF and CU bands are similar to AU bands.

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